20 Screen Writing Cliches That Need To Go Away


The sci-fi blog i09 has a great post about twenty worn out sreen writing cliches that are so over used and worn out they just need to go away. It’s a good list, and it’s amazing how many films use them. Some examples include the exciting action scene that begins a film, followed by scenes from the past that explain why the action is happening now. Or the bad guy who intentionally allows himself to be caught, so he can carry out his nefarious plot.

If you’re writing a story, be aware of these script writing cliches. You may not be able to avoid them, but at least try not to make them look too obvious. Below is a video compilation of one of the most overused visual devices, the “It’s just a cat” device, in which a cheap scare is thrown at the audience using the sudden appearance of a cat.


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