Adam Savage’s Movie Prop Replicas


Adam Savage is a nerd who is an inspiration to nerds and geeks everywhere. As co-host of the insanely popular TV show Mythbusters, Savage is incredibly smart and talented, and has the resources and ability most of us nerds can only dream of: designing and creating his own replica movie props.

With his years of experience working on movie special effects, he has the technical skill to create amazing reporoductions, and his fun-loving enthusiasm is so infectious, it has kindled an interest in science among a new generation.

Adam Savage is a regular at comic book conventions around the country, and he enthusiastically documents his movie prop replica projects. Here are a few fun videos of these projects.

The Shining‘s Overlook Hotel Maze

Adam discusses what a challenge it was to faithfully recreate an exact replica of the maze from Stanley Kubrick’s classic film The Shining



Alien Space Suit

Adam creates an incredible replica of the space suits worn in the 1979 Ridley Scott classic Alien, complete with a Facehugger on the front of the helmet. Very cool!



Ghostbusters Costume

In this video, Adam shows off his movie-accurate costume from the film Ghostbusters, a movie which has spawned its own costuming culture



Han Solo’s Star Wars Blaster

It was a bigger challenge than expected to create a replica of Han Solo’s blaster from Star Wars, which in the original film was a modified Mauser pistol.



Weathering Tricks

This is a fun video in which Adam Savage demonstrates techniques to age and weather props to make them look ancient

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