Ambient Spaceship Sounds


In the mornings, when I’m reading the news while having my magic elixir (otherwise known as coffee), I’ve gotten into the habit of listening to the ambient hum of the Starship Enterprise‘s engine at idle. Before I head up to my twelve hour shift on deck fourteen, with the star field zooming by the starboard viewing port, the hum of the engine helps me greet the day.

YouTube posters have put up a variety of twelve hour long ambient spaceship sound effects for listeners’ pleasure. When you’re surfing the net, drawing, balancing your checkbook, these sounds can calm your spirit and provide a soothing auditory backdrop.

The Enterprise and Voyager sounds are peaceful and relaxing, while the ambient sound of an Imperial Star Destroyer has a more menacing, threatening ambience, befitting its sinister purpose. The X-wing sound I could not listen to for twelve hours. The Melinnium Falcon sound has a more primitive, gutteral ambienace, which suits its rag-tag, heavily modified image, and the Nostromo alarm sound (from the movie Alien) would make a great burgler alarm.

And last, but not least, some cool ambient city sounds; the Blade Runner ambiencve has rain, some of Vangelis’ music and vehicles in the background, perfect for walking through a rainy, crowded city at night. The Coruscant city background is wind and the distant hum of flying cars.

Here are a couple of them. Click on the YouTube logo in the lower right corner of each video; it will open in a new tab on your browser. Set the volume (how close to the warp core are your quarters aboard the ship?) and enjoy.

The USS Enterprise-D



The Enterprise-D Warp Core

The USS Voyager



An Imperial Star Destroyer


Star Wars X-Wing Fighter


The Melinnium Falcon

The Nostromo Alarm Sound (from Alien)


Blade Runner City Ambiance


Star Wars Coruscant City-Planet Ambiance

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