Anime Film Fest – Places To Stream Anime


If you’re a fan of anime, you’re going to love this post. There are a couple of sites that stream anime films, both subtitled, and with English dubbing. You have to watch ads, but if you spring for a paid subscription you can avoid them. One of the sites lets you watch new anime shows only one hour after they’ve aired in Japan. How cool is that?



CrunchyRoll has the largest lineup of streaming Anime, and you can also watch new shows only one hour after they air in Japan, which means most of their content is English subtitled only. You can watch for free with ads, but you’ll be watching in standard definition and you won’t be able to catch any of the new shows for a few weeks. If you purchase a subscription, you get access to the whole collection in 1080p HD.


Funimation claims to have the most Anime with English dubing anywhere online. You can watch for free, but the shows are in standard definition and will have ads. You’ll also only be able to watch only a limited number of episodes in a series. If you pay for their subscription service, though, you can stream in 720p and 1080p (when available), all with no ads.

Funimation is free to watch with ads on PC and Mac. If you subscribe for $5 a month (best deal), you can watch on PC, Mac, phones, tablets, Roku, Xbox, and Playstation.

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