Bizarre Board Games From Days Gone By


Mark Frauenfelder of the awesome blog Boing Boing has a post about 5 truly weird board games that make you wonder how these were ever considered to be a good idea.


5 bizarre board games you should try playing just once

What Shall I Be seems especially sexist these days; the message is girls can only be a stewardess (not a pilot), a nurse (not a doctor), a teacher or secretary. The equivilent game for boys gave them the option of being a doctor, scientist, astronaut or statesman. And for added sexism, there was the 1969 board game What Shall I Wear?. Click on the images below to take you to more information about these board games.

wsib girls


wsib boys


wsib girls 2



Mystery Date was another 1960s game that perpetuated the stereotype that girls had to wait for their man, and should only go after the cool boys, who wear tuxedos, and be dissapointed by the guys who are common laborers. This commercial is downright bizarre by today’s standards.



Here’s another sexist game, Mall Madness, from the 1980s, that perpetuate the myth that girls should only be interested in going to the mall, looking for boys and spending lots of money in stores. I wonder if this concept was bankrolled by a retail trade group. It’s a pretty nauseating message ths game sends.


This game, Dream Phone, is even more bizarre. Find out who has a crush on you!

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