Business Card Comic Strip

Find Out Where Your Card Fits In The Story!

card 1

Did you receive a business card with a cartoon panel on the back? They’re collectable! Find out where your card fits into the story by reading the complete series here. Scroll down to read the series.

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 About The Card Series

This series is from a comic strip called Conundrum I created when I was living in New York. It was never published; I drew it mostly as an exercise. Each card takes about four minutes to draw on average, and no two cards of the same number are alike. The cards below are the first ones I drew when I created this concept; the artwork on your card is more refined.  And remember, each one is completely unique and drawn by hand.

Enjoy the story!

card 1

card 2

card 3

card 4
card 5

card 6

card 7

card 8

card 9

card 10

card 11 card 12 card 13 card 14 card 15 card 16 card 17 card 18 card 19 card 20

card 21

card 22

card 23 card 24 card 25

card 26

card 27

card 28

card 29 card 30 card 31 card 32 card 33 card 34 card 35 card 36 card 37 card 38 card 39 card 40

card 41

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