Classic Cars, Works of Art


Unlike the rolling electric shavers we drive today, cars of the past competed on the strength of their designs. Small but important decorative flourishes served to distinguish one car manufacturer from another. Industral design was an art form, and cars were designed to be eye pleasing creations that owners would be proud to drive, to brag about to their friends at the cocktail lounges, golf courses and backyard barbecues of days gone by.

Craftsmanship and attention to artistic detail is what we no longer see in any but the most high end cars of today, and that’s really a shame. People are fascinated by classic cars because of their time-machine propensity to remind us of an earlier era.

Hidden in plain sight on classic cars are small designs, motifs and flourishes that can be easily overloooked when taking in a rolling classic in its entirety.  Someone had to sit down at the drafting table and specifically design these flourishes, they had to be approved, and then they had to be manufactured.

These are little pieces of art in their own right. Enjoy this gallery that is driven by my love of classic cars, art, and days gone by.

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