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One of the points in my How To Create A Graphic Novel presentation was that it’s a good idea to write a script for your graphic novel before you start drawing it. This gives you a chance to iron out the dialogue, weed out extraneous words and scenes, and tighten up the flow of the story. Well it just so happens there’s an archive of comic book and graphic novel scripts available online.

The Comic Book Script Archive website has a lot of scripts available for download into Word format, so you can see how they are planned and written. Read through some, get the feel of reading a script and then, when planning your graphic novel, write your own script.

After you finish your script, get feedback. Don’t just plunge in and start drawing; getting feedback is the best way to find any gaping plot holes, unneccessary scenes or plot devices, or needless characters you may not realize exist.

Below are some good resources for downloading and reading movie and graphic novel scripts


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