Dark Sky Festival 2014


This is the fifth year I’ve organized the 501st Legion’s participation in the Dark Sky event, which draws attention to the growing problem of light pollution (the reason we don’t have pitch-black nights anymore). The Dark Sky festival gets more bigger and more popular every year. The crowds are respectful, excited and fun to hang with. The event takes place in the small, Mayberry-like street in the town square, which was filled with interesting exhibits, displays and demonstrations. Telescopes were set up to observe the night sky; visitors could see Jupiter, and other planets.

Enjoy these pictures, which were taken by Keith, a 501st Member, and Amanda, a woman who works at Walt Disney World as a photographer. She heard about the event and wanted to hang with us, so I put her to work with my camera, and I think you’ll agree she took some amazing shots.

The official group photo for Dark Sky 2014, with the most 501st members ever
The reaction of kids never gets old. It one of the best things about what we do
It's hard to remain sinister when you're having so much fun
Clowing around inn the cast changing area. Maturity...? What's that?!
This photo was actually a mistake; the shutter remained open far too long, resulting in a very trippy image
Early next morning at The Lakeside Inn, on Aligator Lake
The early morning stillness is a special time, a time to be savored before the bustle of the day begins



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