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PCCC-1_optMichael Lyman has been teaching people how to draw for over ten years, from a summer camp in upstate New York, to craft schools in Vermont, to the Dunedein Fine Arts Center and the Morean Art Center in St. Petersburg Florida.

Michael Lyman currently teaches at the prestigious Morean Art Center, where he teaches students ages twelve and up how to improve the quality of their art, and enjoy the process at the same time.

He is also available for private lessons as well, for both children and adults. Lessons are $35.00 for an hour and a half, with discounts for more than five lessons.

howtodrawpicMany people consider drawing a phase they’ve grown out of, something they are just not very good at and never will be, or both.

Drawing can positively affect other areas of your life, so much so, that soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan are receiving art therapy to help them cope with their experiences.

If tough, battle-hardened soldiers can benefit from learning to draw, so can you.

 retro-clip-art-017aBenefits of learning how to draw

  • Lower stress levels
  • Increased problem solving abilities
  • Heightened awareness of the world around you
  • Added avenues for expression and storytelling

Want to learn more about how to learn how to draw? Click on the question below, and open up a whole new world you never thought existed.




My daughter, Gracie, now a Junior in High School, has taken art classes from Mr. Lyman over periods since 7th grade (September, 2010). My daughter has attended his classes at different locations in Pinellas County, including the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, in Safety Harbor and at the Morean Art Center. Mr. Lyman has instructed by daughter in both group settings and private lessons.

My daughter has only glowing things to report of Mr. Lyman as a teacher, describing him as “very relatable -he’s gets what I’m trying to create,” he “keeps our interest,” and he can be a “friend to bring out my creativity, but always in a teacher-student professional way.” My daughter has previously provided a testimonial for Mr. Lyman, which reads: “My art teacher Mike has really impacted my life in a way that he helped me become more observant and to keep an open mind. The most important thing that he taught me is that…it’s okay to not fit into what’s going on, you make your own normal, you make your own niche…you don’t have to change for anyone. Thank you for teaching me all this, and for being my art teacher.”

From a mother’s perspective, I know my daughter was well prepared for a week-long summer intensive of drawing at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) as a rising Sophomore, due to Mr. Lyman’s instruction.

Claire H.

Michael Lyman has a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm as a teacher. People really enjoyed his free 5-minute drawing lessons at our local Comic Con. He knows how to encourage people to connect with their creativity and not be afraid of expressing it in art.

Greg Plantamura
Computer Graphic Specialist at City of St. Petersburg

Michael is an awesome artist and a great art teacher too! I highly recommend him for anyone or group that would benefit from instruction in drawing and graphic arts.

Ron D


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