Fun Flickr Photo Albums


There are an untold number of Flickr albums online, and growing each day; here are a few fun ones I’ve discovered. Just a warning: browsing these galleries is addictive. Make sure you have time to settle back and enjoy these images


70s California

Photographer Mike Mandel shares fascinating pictures of life in the 1970s in California, a fun time capsule of an era people are only now beginning to appreciate


Motel Postcards

A fun gallery of bland motel postcards that don’t really make these lodgings look all that inviting


People In Cars – 1970s

Mike Mandel has a small but satisfying collection of people photographed in their cars in te 1970s


Aliens rendered in Legos

These Lego recreations from James Cameron’s epic movie Aliens are impressively built and photographed


X-Ray Delta One

James Vaughan has a large number of separate Flickr galleries with an absolutely HUGE number of images: vintage magazine advertisements on all sorts of subjects, pulp fiction covers, propaganda images, retro magazine and book art and other weird goodness. These galleries are fun but plan on spending a lot of time getting lost in these awesome images


Paul Malon

Another huge collection of vintage magazine covers, advertisements, postcards and images. For best results, bookmark and check them out a little at a time


Cardboard America

Jordan Smith has a large number of galleries of lots of vintage postcards from days gone by. Take a virtual tour of the country!



This is a fun, off-kilter gallery of Photoshopped cars and car imagery, imaginings of what cars would look like in different versions (stretched, chopped, modified)


The British Library

The British Library put thousands of images on line, all copyright and royalty free, good for all sorts of art projects. Old maps, vintage images and diagrams, you name it.

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