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501st_PosterWith a Bachelors Degree in graphic design, a certificate in web development, a certification in Adobe Photoshop and years of experience designing promotional pieces, Magnum Arts is ready to handle the job of creating pieces that reflect your brand the best!

Left: Promotional poster for The 501st Legion, a 501(c) charity costuming organization. Magnum Arts provided the photography, writing and layout design

SOH_Poster_finalMagnum Arts can provide “one-stop shopping” for your graphic design requirements:

  • Photography, optimized for fast loading on websites
  • Logo design from sketch to web-ready image
  • Copywriting services so your message has the most impact
  • Managing vendor quotes and orders for finished product



Cigar C Concept DisneyPatch Untitled-1
Above Left: Patch and decal design for cigar aficionado group

Above Middle: Patch designed for 501st Legion Disney Christmas parade participants

Above Right: Patch designed for 501st Legion visits to VA hospitals to thank veterans for their services

LC Crusaders TIFF PHuston Logo501st Deco Logo 1

Your logo defines your brand, provides instant recognition and can say much more than words. Magnum Arts designs logos that reflect your brand, values, image and services, suitable for use on everything from busness cards to the sides of company vans. Will your logo get you noticed? If not, ask for a free consultation today!




Contact Magnum Arts today for a free, no-obligation consultation for your business, brand, event or organization!



Signage and posters

Tee-shirt and crew shirt designs

Patches, decals and challenge coins

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