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I’m a car nut, and over the years I have posted a number of interesting car-related videos to the old Magnum Arts blog that are too good to be overlooked. Here they are, in one convenient post. Sit back and enjoy!

Key To The Future

This 1956 GM Motorama film is a hoot, imagining what the future (1976, to be exact) would look like for driving, complete with singing. No bell bottoms, long sideburns or non-conformist hippies, but the film shows an On-Star-like system that guides motorists to their destination via a control tower, manned by a stern looking authority figure who would probably be bored out his mind communicating with cars in this mannner all day. The video captures the 1950’s love of sci-fi techno jargon, is in good shape and is fun to watch.


A Touch of Magic

This is another GM Motorama film. Back when Americans were offered REAL cars to drive (unlike the bland electric shavers we have to choose from today), introducing new models was a huge deal. Car makers pulled out all the stops to promote their new designs. This video is typical; elaborate song and dance numbers, complete with sets and costumes, that herald the arrival of the 1961 GM line of cars. If you want to jump right to the cars, go to the 3:45 mark.

Peanuts Characters Shilling Fords

There is no denying the immense cultural impact of Peanuts; its characters have been used to shill everything from cars, to snack cakes, to cereal to life insurance, a practice that Schultz did not object to, seeing the strip as a way to sell more papers. The relentless use of Peanuts characters has indeed cheapened the strip, and sapped it of its creative impact, turning the characters into marketing tools. If there was a way to profit from Peanuts, it has been done.
Below are some examples of early Peanuts advertising:

Styling And the Experimental Car

This first one is called Styling And the Experimental Car, a Ford Motor Company produced promo from the 1960s that starts out with references to Egyptian design motifs to establish a history of styling cars that are pleasing to the eye.



1960 Chevrolet Corvair Easter Bunny Commercial

This is the most terrifying, nightmare-inducing Easter bunny you will ever see. Even the children in this commercial look afraid to say the wrong thing. Whoever thought this commercial would be cute and appealing needs serious therapy. AUUGH!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!


Stop-Motion Car Chases

Finally, here are a couple of fun, extremely well-done stop-motion car chases.

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