Matchbox Cars: Creating Miniature Classics


Matchbox toy cars are a cultural icon, and vintage toy cars from the fifties and sixties are very collectible today, almost as much as real classic cars. They sold by the millions, and pretty much every boy growing up in the sixties and seventies will remember the classic, die-cast metal toy cars. You could buy carrying cases to transport your collection to a friend’s house, and of course there were all sorts of Matchbox accessories: play sets, race tracks and model streets on which to race your cars.

These videos giveĀ a behind-the-scenes look at the manufacturing process of the early Matchbox cars, and the effort that was made to make them as realistic as possible.



Here’s another video that shows how toy cars were designed to be as close to their full-sized counterparts as possible:

Vintage Matchbox play sets:


matchboxset 1


matchboxset 2



This man reviews several interesting Matchbox driving toys that allowed you to “drive” your Matchbox cars on moving surfaces. A far cry from modern video games!


This short video covers a competitor of Matchbox, Dinky toy cars, filled with the English enthusiasm and bombast of a promotional film:





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