Mid-Pinellas ComicCon


The Mid-Pinellas ComicCon, held at the library on on the Seminole campus of St. Petersburg College, was an overwhelming success. The attendance surprised the college, which has never hosted a con before, and was not sure what to make of the costumes and geek culture. It’s a safe bet that the college will welcome the event back next year, and it will probably be bigger.

I spoke with someone who works at the college, who explained that the college and community was a little concerned about the event; there was a healthy security presence. I explained that the costuming community is well behaved; there are no fights, vandalism or inappropriate behavior at cons, generally speaking. We’re there to celebrate geek culture, have fun and we police ourselves. Anyone who starts causing a problem (and I’ve never seen this happen) is quickly told to be cool or leave. And indeed, after the event was over, the college person marvelled at how well behaved and fun attendees were. She was impressed.

Here are some pictures taken at my table. I was giving free five-minute drawing lessons, and with the exception of my absence for my How To Create A Graphic Novel presentation, my table was always busy. The main points I stressed to people who took a mini-lesson:

  • Don’t think, DO. Sketch without judgement, thought or analysis. Keep your analytical mind out of the sketching process. It has no place here. You are sketching from the pure creative spirit.
  • Let it flow. Keep your pencil moving constantly, throwing down lines and trying different angles, shapes, curves and lines. The more lines you draw, the more lines you’ll have to choose from.
  • Bring your sketch to the next level. Brush away your sketch with your artists’ eraser to lighten your sketch, then go over it again, firming up the lines you want to keep and erasing those you don’t
  • Relax. Sketching is a zen-like state of mind, almost like meditation. When you get into the zone, your hand will almost be acting al by itself, with you along for the ride. This is where you want to be, where you are sketching with pure creativity.














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