New Online Photography Class – FREE For a Limited Time!


My first online class, Intro To Photography, is now available on Skillshare, completely FREE to the first 25 students, no credit card or payment information required! This fun series of five videos removes the mystery from the modes of a digital SLR camera and helps beginners get more comfortable with expressing themselves creatively with their camera. No jargon or dense text, just short, entertaining videos with fun animations and helpful diagrams.

Why Skillshare?

Skillshare is one of the largest and most poppular online learning portals on the web, where thousands of classes are offered by people who teach all sorts of things – everything from basket weaving to web design.

The classes are extremely inexpensive, the videos are short (the average length is three to six minutes), the class projects are fun and easy, and students can start whenever they want, and finish the projects on their schedule. No having to be at a certain place at a certain time – the class revolves around the STUDENT’S schedule, not the teacher’s.

Here is the first video of my class:


Each student completes a fun project; in my class it is to photograph the concept of contentment. Here are a couple of pictures that illustrate this concept:







To enroll in this fun class click the camera!


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