Pen Sketches


I started a new job rececently, and for two weeks was in day-long training sessions, much of it listening to very long presentations about many things, most of which I would not need to remember, at least for the time being. Predictably, there were people in the training that asked irrelevent, inane and pointless questions, slowing down the pace of instruction. To keep my sanity, I doodled with my office gel pen.

No fancy art pens, just a regular office pen. It relaxes me, and is a good way to get through long meetings. When I publish my book of my art and photography, I think I’ll include these in a separate section.


Notebook sketch 5_opt


Notebook sketch 12_opt


Notebook sketch 14_opt


Notebook sketch 15_opt


Notebook sketch_opt


Notebook sketches 7_8


Notebook sketches 9_10







Notebook sketch 13_opt




Notebook sketches 5-16

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