Put Down The Smart Phone


This blog is about fostering creativity and the arts. I teach cartooning and drawing, and a big part of that is helping people discover their creative side, to learn to express themselves. What’s the single most important thing you can do that will nurture your creative spirit? PUT DOWN THE SMART PHONE.

Our addiction to social media is killing not only our sense of creativity, but also our relationships with each other. People don’t talk to each other, they have their noses buried in their smart phones. People are at home alone, texting and messaging each other instead of being with each other in person. Even when people are together, they are texting, not enjoying the moment. Groups of people at a restaurant or club don’t talk to each other, they are all texting!

This comc strip by Pablo Stanley, called Dinner Out, perfectly captures how sad things have become. Do you recognize yourself in this web comic? If so, you have a problem.

The Oatmeal has another web comic about this called Why I Love And Hate Having A Smartphone.

A lot has been written about how technology is affecting how our brains function; shortening our attention spans, training us to demand instant gratification instead of patience, causing us to lose our social skills, robbing us of life experience.


Creativity is generated by life experiences. You won’t improve your art skills with your nose pointed at a tiny screen. This video perfectly summarizes how damaging social media can be, which is not as “social” as its name implies. Learn to live without the smart phone.

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