The Best of Dragon*Con

For those of you unfamiliar with Dragon*Con (is is a convention about dragons? Is it a dragon scam artist?  A dragon that’s in prison? What…?? What is it??), Dragon*Con is one of the country’s largest costuming, sci-fi, comic book and art conventions in the country. The only one bigger is the enormous Comic-Con in San Diego, which is so big it’s televised every year. The San Diego con is where studios announce new releases of video games, TV shows and movies, along with giving sneak peeks.


At Dragon*Con, it’s a four day long Halloween party, with artist areas, discussion panels and celebrities all rolled into one. It’s a chance for attendees to meet their favorite artists, actors and writers, get autographed pictures, attend discussion panels about subjects that interest them, and hear actors and producers talk about their favorite television shows. And at night, of course, it’s a huge party with lots of incredible costumes and good friends.


This is a gallery of only a small amount of some of the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken in the years I’ve been going to Dragon*Con. My signature costume is that of Snake Plissken, the Kurt Russell character from the cult sci-fi film Escape From New York. It’s gotten to the point where people look for me at Dragon*Con now, as I’ve improved the costume and look to make it more movie accurate.


Below the photo gallery are a couple of videos that give you a sense of what Dragon*Con is all about, and links to the previous Magnum Arts blog, where there are tons of pictures, links and videos of Dragon*Con.
Hundreds of costumed Dragon*Con attendees muster for the epic parade through downtown Atlanta
Snake Plissken fights Batman in a photo shoot arranged by Atlas Photography
Myself with Lee Majors, The Six Million Dollar man himself
Imperial Stormtroopers marching in the Dragon*Con parade

Below: Last Dragon*Con, this epic video by a talented young woman named Deena Roth is my official Dragon*Con theme, and sums up the madness and appeal of this event. I had this song stuck in my head the entire time I was at Dragon*Con in 2012.

These are the lyrics to Last Dragon*Con, in case you want to sing along with Deena:

Power Rangers in my bed, There’s a brain slug on my head, Think my costume might be ruined, Don’t remember this tattoo, I think I’m still seeing stars, Jedis passed out in the hall, Think I need a Dr. Who, Is that a Trekkie or a grue?
Staying up all night, Cause the con suite’s right next door, Oh well. Oh it’s all a blur, but I know for sure I scored. Frak!
Last Dragon*Con,
Yeah we gamed all night with Spock,
We saw Han take the first shot,
I made out with an Ewok,
Last Dragon*Con,
Got to meet Jean-Luc Picard, 
And that chick from Battlestar, It was all a bit bizarre, 
Last Dragon*Con,
Saw you at Dragon After Dark
You kind of looked like Tony Stark,
And I think I felt a spark,
Last Dragon*Con
Yeah, we tore the place apart, 
Think we may have gone to far, Whoa-oh
But this Dragon*Con, Do it all again! This Dragon*Con, Do it all again!
Can’t believe that I forgot Am I in the Marriott? How’d I end up in this room? What the heck did I consume? Dressed up like the Baroness, Having drinks with Boba Fett, Think that ale was Romulan, That was such an epic win!
Bumblebee, Starscream, It’s a fangirl’s dream and more! Oh yeah Oh it’s all a blur, But I know for sure I scored! Frak!
But this Dragon*Con, Do it all again! This Dragon*Con, Do it all again!
So say we all! (x8)
But this Dragon*Con, Do it all again


This is another great video by Beat Down Boogie that captures the magic of Dragon*Con. People in costumes, complete strangers having fun with each other and enjoying life on their own terms, in their own way. Does it get any better? I think not.

Every night the crowds gather in and around the Marriott Marquis to mingle, take pictures of the fantastic costumes and be seen. This is one of the biggest draws of Dragon*Con, seeing what costumes people have created. Every year there is something new, unusual or expected. This video gives you an idea of how crowded it can get.


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