The Bogus Claims of Fuelshark


There’s a device that’s being sold to the public called a Fuelshark, which claims to improve gas milage for drivers who use it. Simply by plugging it into your cigarette lighter you get better gas milage. What could be simpler?

Except it’s utter nonsense. Jason Torchinsky, a very entertaining writer for the car blog Jalopnik, received one from Fuelshark for some reason and tested its claims thoroughly, even going so far as to find experts to evaluate its claims. Not surprisingly, he found the claim that plugging a device into your cigarette lighter would save you money on gas to be utter crap.

Also not surprisingly, Fuelshark was not happy about his review, and wanted him to remove it. Instead, Torchinsky wrote again about exactly why this device is a fraud and cannot do what it claims. Both posts are very entertaining reads.

The Fuelshark Won’t Save You Gas Because It Runs on Bullshit

Fuelshark Wants Us To Apologize Because They Sell Bullshit

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