The Joys Of A Citroën 2CV


Car blog /Drive’s writer Chris Harris bought a 1957 Citroen 2CV, with a whopping twelve horsepower, and absolutely loves it, as demonstrated by this very entertaining video. The 2CV, affectionately known as the “deux chavaux”, was the French version of the Ford Model T: an ultra cheap, reliable, no-frills car that, when first produced only had nine horsepower.

Think about that for a moment: a passenger car with only nine horsepower. The 2CV in this video has twelve. The cars were phenomenally popular for their quirky styling, ease of maintenance and simplicity. Over 3.8 million were produced between 1948, when it was introduced at the Paris motor show, and 1990, when production finally ceased. [source: Wikipedia]

Chris Harris’ affection for his 2CV is apprent in this video. Enjoy!

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