The New and Improved Magnum Arts Blog


Welcome to the first blog post in the new and improved Magnum Arts blog,, which will eventually replace the original blog,, which used the Blogger platform. The theme you see now will be continuously improved to increase its ease of use

There will be lots of improvements in the blog, including better navigation, a cleaner, more inviting appearance, and new and exciting features that will make the blog more informative, useful  and entertaining. Some of the features that will appear in the new blog platform include:

  • A weekly web comic strip
  • expanded video section, with more original content
  • more interactive links to news and downloads
  • More drawing and cartooning-related resources
  • Easier viewing on mobile devices

Additionally, posts that have been imported from the original Blogger platform have to be modified for this new-and-improved platform. This means YouTube videos have to be re-embedded, photos, text and captions have to be re-adjusted, and featured images (the small square pictures that accompany each blog post title) have to be added.

This will take time, and I will be adding new blog posts in the mean time.


Welcome to the new blog! Let the festivities begin!

fireworks display

Fourth of July fireworks at Treasure Island Beach, Florida, 2012, image copyright Magnum Arts

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