The World of The 501st Legion

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The 501st Legion is a worldwide family of Star Wars costuming enthusiasts, who have movie-accurate costumes (all of which are scrutinized and have to be approved), and participate in fundraisers, parades, goodwill events and other activities. It’s a brotherhood, and a culture unlike any other. To give you a sense of what life is like as a member of this prestigious group, I’ve picked out some of the best pictures from the four years I’ve been a member.

When a friend first suggested I create a costume and join, I thought it was kind of weird…but that is exactly why it appealed to me. It was different, and I realized I should at least try it. In ┬áthe years since, I’ve met the best friends of my life in this group, been able to do some very cool things, and developed skills I never even knew I had. The talent among members of this group is very impressive.

While The 501st Legion is not officially affiliated with LucasFilm, we are LucasFilm’s preferred costuming organization, and are called upon to participate in a number of LucasFilm events. Members have established a reputation for professionalism, respect, kindness, and community involvement.

To see the full gallery of pictures, click on the patch image below, and enjoy a slice of life in The 501st Legion, the world’s most defnitive Star Wars costuming organization.



Clowning around back stage at an autism event



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