Two Star Wars Events

featured_image_two troops

I recently participated in two back-to-back events with The 501st Legion; a long day! Long, but satisfying, and it gave me a chance to try out the camera on my new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 (and no, I’m not being paid to promote the phone). Enjoy the pics and videos, taken entirely with the S6.


Members arrive on a humid Saturday morning ready to invade the aquarium




I’m absolutely stunned how good the camera in this phone is: this picture, other than being optimized for faster loading, has not ben retouched. This is a difficult shooting environment, yet the S6 produces magnificent results!







This is video shot of our appearance in the main area of the aquarium


Here’s another video:


I did a little Photoshopping of this image at the aquarium:

Death star aquarium
The second troop, at Brighthouse Field for the Thresher baseball game, was my 175th troop since joining the 501st legion, and I ws presented with this certificate, suitable for framing!



It was Star Wars Day at the field, and many fans wore costumes to the game, knowing we’d be there












After the baseball game there were fireworks, and again, the Galaxy S6 shines when taking video. Enjoy the entire fireworks show!

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