Visual Resources For Head and Figure Drawing


My current drawing class students want to improve their skills at drawing the head and figure, so I’ve put together this handy blog post filled with useful tutorials and examples I have collected from Tumblr. Visit the Magnum Arts Rocket To Me Tumblr page for lots of drawing guides, reference pictures, and cars (since I’m a car nut). First, here are some links from previous Magnum Arts blog posts to help my drawing students:

  • Cartooning the Head and Figure – Click on each page to supersize, then print. Voila! Your own drawing instruction guide for drawing all sorts of figures and head shapes
  • Art and Drawing Links – Links from previous blog posts that focus on various aspects of drawing and the creative mindset
  • How To Learn To Draw – A blog post I wrote that lays it out for you. Follow these steps for improved creativity, no matter what age you are


Without further ado, a gallery of good reference pictures for drawing teh head and figure. Printg out as needed and use as often as you like!




















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